Zeino Music T/A  –  Director/Founder London UK

Zeino Music is a boutique music tutoring brand created by Zeynep Onkaya. Zeino Music provides comprehensive music education and stage performances. Zeynep has a Harp degree from Mimar Sinan University, Piano Distinction Degree from London School of Music and she has held various instructor positions and performed in many European countries including the UK, Germany, The Netherlands.

You can study at Zeino Music Piano, Vocal and Harp and you can prepare for exams of University of West London connected College of Music LCM and Royal Schools of Music ABRSM certificates.

BT Musicschool 2011 – 2014 | Piano ve Vocal Instructor Istanbul

Piano and vocal instruction program execution covering 3 plus years old kids.
Instruction and study for certificate program of London College of Music.

ENKA Schools 2012-2013 | Piano Instructor

Açı Schools 2009-2010 | Vocal Instructor

Executed piano accompaniment for singing classes and vocal and piano instruction program of classes 6, 7 ve 8. and high school.
Vocal coaching for the year end show case presentation.
Preparation studies and vocal traning of students for in and out of school concerts.
Harp and piano practice workshops in school.

Les Ottomans Otel 2013 – 2014 | Soloist Vocal | Jazz & Pop Jazz